Areas we specialize in:

Our practice areas were selected to meet the needs of the people in our community and across the state. Simply put, we represent people and their small businesses, not big corporations. In fact, we often represent our neighbors against big corporations.


Free Consultations

We need to understand your problem before we know how we can help. We don't charge for initial consultations, and they last as long as necessary for the two of us to decide whether we should work together.


Flexible Payment Plans

Call us naive or even gullible, but we believe that people will pay for our services if we explain what to expect, then do a good job and bill fairly. We keep our fees low, and we are committed to creative thinking when it comes to fees - we will consider literally any arrangement, including barter! In short, we will bend over backwards to make it work.

Real Estate & Right of Way

Real Estate & Right of Way

Bankruptcy & Debt Management

Bankruptcy & Debt Management

Family Law

Family Law

Eviction Halted by Bankruptcy Filing

Case Study – Eviction Stopped by Bankruptcy Filing

Our client and her five children were facing immediate eviction, and had nowhere to go.

We filed an emergency bankruptcy petition, which bought her the time she needed to bring her rent current. This family is still in its home!

The Charges:

Our client's landlord had obtained an eviction judgment in the Eaton County District Court, and the sheriff was about to remove her from the property.

The Verdict:

We bought our client the time she needed to bring her rent current. Our client and her five kids are still in their home!

Client Testimonials:

Kim was recommended by a friend and went above and beyond to help us with a family matter. This was a very trying time and she got us through it. We couldn't have asked for more and highly recommend her to anyone needing legal assistance.
Diane, Real Estate Client